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Are you an Independent Financial Adviser either directly authorised or a member of a network and seek help with Company Pension Transfers for some of your clients  that you do not have the necessary permissions for. At First Place Financial we can help you with these.

Fear not, when dealing with your introduced client we will not cross sell any product and deal solely with the pension or pension transfers in hand to the required product be this a personal pension or flexi access drawdown for example. We will agree a fee share. Because of PII costs and ongoing FCA fees, FCA Levy and Capital Adequacy, we will retain the ongoing servicing fee of the transfer. We will only deal with the client regarding the Pension product and nothing else beyond this. You are not to transfer the client pension product back from us to you post completion or at any point in the future which will be as per our introducer agreement. We will see the introduced client like they were one of our enquiries and act accordingly. The only difference being that we will not cross sell.

In essence you are simply contracting out your pension transfer business to a specialist who will take full responsibility for any advice given. If this is of interest to you please free to call or email us (contact details below) and we will endeavour to help.

Should you know of another IFA or IFA practice that could benefit from our service please pass our details on and ask them to contact us.

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For a more in depth walk through of a typical case, take a look through a selection of examples.

What do our customers say about us?

We love our customers and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by providing them with the best advice to fit their needs.

Dear First Place Financial Ltd

Thank you for your help with my transfer. I have now been able to use the Tax Free Cash to reduce my mortgage which has made me better off each month. Things are looking up.

Mr A, Newcastle

Having bought my flat from the council a few years ago they decided to re roof the block and whilst it was free to council tenants, those like me who had bought in good faith were sent a bill from the council for our share of the cost. Thanks to your help we were able to get his money by way of Tax Free Cash from one of my old pensions and we were able to settle the council bill without any further borrowing. Now the income pays for a nice holiday each year.

Mr & Mrs G, Glasgow

We asked for help regarding our retirement planning. First Place Financial Ltd were able to check every policy that we had and then offer relevant and clearly understandable advice to us about what we can and can’t do and as such we formulated a plan which was best for us. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Mr & Mrs P, Devon